General Product Questions

Where are your products sold?
Our products are sold across the country and around the world. You can find our award winning craft kits online and in stores ranging from major retailers to independently owned toy stores.

How can I contact you?
You can reach us at info@annwilliamsgroup.com or call us at 248-977-5831.

I'm having trouble getting started on a project, what should I do?
Most of our customers learn best when they can see our products in action. For that reason, we have created videos for each of our kits at: http://www.annwilliamsgroup.com/videos

Are your products available wholesale?
We offer wholesale pricing to retailers. If you are interested in retailing our products please contact us or fill out the form here.

What is your return policy?
Please click here for our return policy.  


What does the Loopdedoo Kit include?
Each Loopdedoo Kit comes with 1 Loopdedoo spinning tool, a variety of different colored skeins of embroidery floss, and instructions. 

How many bracelets can you make with the skeins included in the kit?
That depends upon how thick you make them and which looping style you use. On average, you can make about 10-12.

How long does it take to make a bracelet?
That depends upon how many threads you use and the looping style you choose. On average it takes under 10 minutes to make a bracelet. Your first few bracelets will take longer but once you get the hang of it you can make a bracelet in a minute! 

How does the drawer work?
The push out drawer can open on both sides. The easiest way to open it is to place your hands over the top and push it out with both thumbs. Use this same hand position to push it back in with your fingers. 

I lost my instructions, how can I get another copy?
Click here to download a PDF of the Loopdedoo instructions.

My Loopdedoo hooks are facing in opposite directions, is that normal?
It is perfectly normal for your hooks to align and un-align during use because they don't spin at exactly the same rate. When your hooks are facing in opposite directions and you are having trouble threading the device, try this simple trick: turn the handle so that one hook is facing towards you and the other hook facing away from you, then just wrap the threads in a large circle around the hooks. 

If I have questions about how to use the Loopdedoo who should I contact?
If you questions that haven’t been answered by reading the instructions or viewing the instructional videos then please email us at info@annwilliamsgroup.com.

My Loopdedoo makes a cranking noise, is this normal?
YES! This is completely normal. 

I'm having a hard time turning my Loopdedoo. What should I do?
While some Loopdedoos turn a bit easier than others, you should be able to turn them fairly easily. If you're having trouble, make sure your thread is loose, and ensure there are no threads stuck in the gears. 


I’ve lost my instructions, where can I get replacements?
Click here to download a PDF version of the Loopdeloom instructions.

Where can I find instructions on how to make different things?
There are numerous maker videos available on youtube. Please visit the Loopdeloom YouTube channel for some extra inspiration and instructions!

My Loopdeloom pegs broke, can I get more?
Yes, you can order more Loopdeloom pegs on our shopping page. To make the loom safe for children, we have opted to use plastic and sell replacement parts at a reasonable price. 


I’ve lost my instructions, where can I get replacements?
Please email us and we’ll send you an electronic version: info@annwilliamsgroup.com.

If I have questions about how to use a Craft-tastic kit who should I contact?
If you questions that haven’t been answered by reading the instructions or viewing the instructional videos on our website then please send us an email at info@annwilliamsgroup.com.

I'm having trouble getting the Paper Bowl paper circles to stick to the mould. What should I do?
Put glue on both sides of the circle paper and slightly overlap each circle. Once the glue is a tacky consistency you can use the other end of the brush and tap gently each circle so they stick to the mould. Once all circles are flat, put another layer of glue covering the entire project.

Why can't I get the mold off the Paper Bowl kit bowl?
You should wait 4-5 days before removing the mould from the bowl.

Ann Williams Group

Who is Ann Williams?
She doesn't exist! Rather, the company name was created from combining the two middle names of our CEO's children.

How did Ann Williams Group start?
Our CEO Sheila created a recordable charm to give her kids so they could listen to it when they were at school. Then our next product, the Loopdedoo, came about when she saw her daughter struggling to make a friendship bracelet. From there, we've continued to create products that are easy to use, encourage creativity, and result in a beautiful end projects that kids are proud to keep and display.

What is your office like?
It's awesome! Colorful walls, larger than life versions of many of our crafts, a bright orange refrigerator, and an endless supply of candy keep us uplifted and creative! We're a small but mighty crew. and we have a blast taking cool craft concepts from an idea all the way through production and onto the store shelf!

Who do we contact for media inquiries?
Please send all media inquiries to marketing@annwilliamsgroup.com.